IT Solutions

Our IT Solutions include all the IT Services you need to help your organization be competitive, responsive and cost effective.

Software Solutions

Software Development is the development of embedded software used for controlling consumer products. The development process is to be integrated with the development of the controlled physical product.

Application Maintenance

We provide a cost & time effective application maintenance services to existing clients as well as to new clients. Our Services are handled by veterans of the software industry with deep expertise in your application and with clear understanding of your expert level of Business Process.

ERP Services

ERP systems have brought new ways to many enterprises by making them capable of trade with foreign customers.

Offshore Services

Ours is an off shore development company and has a wide experience in software development, application maintenance, website development, etc.,

IT Consulting

IT consulting refers to a field that is focused to give advises to businesses or enterprises – how to utilize information technology in best possible manner to meet the business objectives and derive profits out of it.

QA & Testing

Quality Analysis & Testing is the need of the hour for every company dealing with using web-based software, applications and their maintenance. It is the most crucial part of software development domain and it consumes all most one-fourth of the project lifecycle.