April 25th to 28th ‘ 2013: HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, India

Gopal systems has participated in AGRITEX 2013 expo at HITEX, Hyderabad between 25th April 2013 to 28th April 2013. New product Agromate ( has been promoted to farmers to control the motors using mobile phone and with just a missed call.

Media Coverage : HYBIZ TV

ఒక్క మిస్ కాల్‌తో.. మోటర్ ఆన్

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ఒక్క మిస్ కాల్‌తో.. మోటర్ ఆన్

23rd March 2013: Hyderabad, India

Gopal Systems in partnership with NGE group has organized an event to launch new products. Event was organized in Hotel Fortune Select Manohar, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India.

Media Coverage : Sakshi TV

ఒక్క మిస్ కాల్‌తో.. మోటర్ ఆన్

Following products and solutions were launched.

  1. Agromate ( :Remote Motor Controller through Mobile Phone. Useful for farmers to operate the motor pump from their homes. Motor can be turned ON or OFF through a miss call from registered mobile phone.
  2. PMI Track ( : Punctuality Management & Information Tracking solution is a GPRS based Time & Attendance solutions. It is a rugged device that required No PC, NO Internet, and can work more than 12 hours without electricity with the help of extended battery. This rugged device can trace the attendance with RFID cards or Bio-Metric and saves all the data remotely on the cloud server. It is useful for Schools, Colleges, Offices, Construction fields. This is offered as Solutoin as a Service (SaaS).
  3. Trace My Vehicle ( It is a GPS tracking solution with GPRS/GSM communication. Small device than can be installed in a moving vehicle to track the Geo coordinates and send the data to cloud server at regular intervals. Using the live data vehicle’s current location on Google maps, travel history, speed report can be tracked on-line. Alerts for over speed, Geo fence can be sent to registered mobile phone through SMS/Text. Various reports are available on-line for better control of the vehicle. This solution also offers an On-Demand location request through SMS/Text. When vehicle owner sends an SMS with vehicle number the software will return the current location of the vehicle by return SMS. Similar solution is also available for Child tracking, Field sales staff tracking and Field support staff tracking.
  4. LED/Solar Lights ( Company has launched LED and Solar street lights through the brand name “Subishi Green Power”. Currently LED retrofit bulbs (5w/7w) and LED down-lights (7w/9w/12w) are launched and more products to add in near future. Under solar category Solar powered streets lights (7w/14w/24w) are launched. Company plans to add more solar products in coming months.
  5. POS Software Solutions ( : Company has launched Restaurant POS software solutions that will help manage restaurnats, bars, night clubs more effeciently. Restaurant Pro Express, PixelPoint POS.
  6. LED Display Boards : Company has launched LED display boards in various sizes. These products are designed with advanced 8/16/32 Bit technology, state of art design, Very Low power consumption, highly stable and noise immune, 10 years of data in memory, 10 million times rewrite cycles, – 16 Mb memory, Single Color – 3 inch X 12 Inch to 12″ x 8′ ft, PS/2 ( key board), Serial RS 232, RS- 485 , USB & TCP IP interface, GSM/ CDMA modem built in for remote data loading, Sensors Interface for real time monitoring, Multi Lingual interface even by PS/2 interface.
15th December 2012: Hyderabad, India

Gopal Systems join hands with NGE Group to develop and market GPRS based products and solutions.

22nd September 2012: Lagos, Nigeria

Gopal Systems join hands with Karchatel Businss Solutions to deliver IT solutions to Nigeria and African countries. (