Distribution Solutions

Raymedi DE

We provide software solutions for your multiple location Sales & Distribution network. Our software solution can manage your entire down stream supply chains like C&A/C&F, stockists and wholesalers, and the loosely coupled web based solution helps you to manage any of your chain network and take informed decisions from anywhere with complete visibility on sales and stock.

Your Business Needs

  • Connecting the entire supply chain to do electronic data interchange
  • Centralized business management with visibility on stock and sales
  • Real time information on demand for products to plan supply
  • Region-wise analytical reports on fast moving & non-moving products
  • Centralized promotions & offers based on product or batch with date validation
  • Complete control on expiry, damage returns and claims to take proactive actions

Our Solution Highlights

  • Secondary sales data analysis
  • Stock move advice from HO
  • Area specific promotions & offers
  • Centralized price control
  • Lot/Batch based inventory control
  • State-wise multiple tax support
  • Interface with ERP
  • Uniform product master across outlets
  • Streamlined SCM process