Raymedi DE

RayMedi Distribution Management is a complete sales and distribution software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and traders. It supports multi-user, multi company formats and integrated with accounts. It manages all aspects of wholesale operations quickly and accurately. 

Key Business Benefits

  • Optimize and streamline your Inventory
  • Increase your sales volume through additional retailer services
  • Manage your collections better
  • Plan and manage your promotions/offers
  • Handle ever increasing new products effectively
  • Better and more improved Customer service levels
  • Increased productivity in order processing
  • Additional cash flow realized by better accounts receivable monitoring
  • Lower costs of doing business
  • Increased personnel productivity
  • Overall improvement in business reporting and management
  • Enhanced competitive edge
  • Increased overall profitability

Key Features

  • Support for I sales, II sales , VAT invoice and CST invoice
  • Support for comprehensive offer management
  • Support for multi-company invoicing
  • Support for all types of purchase entries like inter state, local, no form and VAT
  • Support for all types of tax structures like I sales, II sales, VAT sales etc
  • Configuration for on account, credit days with grace period option, credit limit, automatic generation of debit notes for managing credit Customer relationship
  • Area Tax master and calculation of sales rate based on MRP and tax applicable for a state
  • Configurable packing definition, selection of packing for every transaction
  • Returns Management : Expiry / Damage / Breakage and Purchase Returns, generation of credit notes based on sales terms etc..
  • Reports based on Area Manager, RSM, Zonal Manager etc
  • Support for multi-godown
  • Sample Management – Sample issues, Reports
  • Transport Management – Parcel dispatch and Receipt details
  • Data verification tool – to verify the sales bills, purchase bills, accounts posting, sales & purchase returns