Cozy POS

Cozy POS/ERP is a product of Gopal Systems Private Limited, India. Cozy ERP is a comprehensive solution for multi location retail store management with cloud back office and HQ management option. Solution is built on an architecture that will give an ability to run the software from wide range of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. Cozy ERP comes with various different modules listed below.

  • Cozy POS
    Billing Software comes with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS platform support.
  • Cozy KDS
    Kitchen Display Solution to manage multiple kitchens efficiently.
  • Cozy Signage
    Digital Signage Solution for in store digital display and cloud based management software.
  • Cozy HQ
    Multi location management on the cloud with Web based module and Mobile APP modules to manage business with ease.
  • Cozy BackOffice
    Single store back office management on desktop or on the cloud. Make it easier to access reports on the go through mobile apps.
  • Cozy Warehouse
    For efficient multiple warehouse manage with proper stock management, stock transfers to stores or warehouses.
  • Cozy ERP
    Comprehensive Cloud Based software with Purchasing, Inventory, Recipe Management, Food costing, Vendor management, Stock transfers, and interface with accounting and HRMS software.
  • Cozy WebOrder
    Integrated online ordering module to give online ordering to your customers. It can handle multiple locations for delivery or pickup.
  • Cozy Reports
    Powerful reporting module on the cloud or on the go through mobile apps.

Billing Software (COZY POS) Features

  • Touch Screen Based Billing
  • Easy User Interface
  • Multiple Menu
  • Multiple Pricing for Menu products
  • Section specific pricing
  • Multiple Ordering Types
  • Multiple Tax Management
  • Employee Management
  • Multilevel User Password Protection
  • Colour Code Menu
  • Unlimited products
  • Order Time Statistics
  • Modifier Items Prompting
  • Line Discount / Invoice Discount Options
  • Detailed Sales History reports
  • Kitchen Order Printing
  • Auto charge for Delivery/Takeout
  • Ability to Stores Old Invoices
  • Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
  • Easy Printer Management
  • Customer Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Table layout designer
  • Sections & Table Management
  • Station Specific Features
  • Flexible Tax Setup
  • Flexible User Interface Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Recipe Management
  • Optional KDS Integration
  • Optional Online reporting module
  • Optional Pending Order List
  • Happy hours
  • Offer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Split billing
  • Move table
  • Combine table
  • Additional charge for credit card payment
  • Custom branding on each screen
Cozy POS Login Screen
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Optional on-screen keyboard
  • User Id/ Password login
  • Swipe card login
  • Employee user access levels
  • Time based Auto log-out
  • Clock-in/Clock-Out
  • Employee breaks
Cozy POS Table Layout Screen
  • Section management
  • Easy to use table layout designer
  • Square or Circle tables
  • Create objects to show cashier, wall, door etc.
  • Table layout for each section
  • Table capacity tracking
  • Table time statistics
  • Color coded tables
  • Color change when time elapsed
  • Color change when receipt prints
  • Multiple orders for same table
  • Guest prompt
  • Order by Guest
  • Move Table
  • Transfer Table
  • Navigation to Take-out, Delivery orders
Cozy POS Table Ordering Screen
  • Easy ordering screen
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Custom colors for products
Order By Guest
  • Enter number of guests for a table
  • Take order by guest seat number
  • Make it easier to serve in case of large groups
  • Option to split the bill by guest
  • Useful for table statistics
  • Guests Vs. Invoices comparison
  • Average sale report per guest
Table Operations
    Table Colors

  • Grey – Vacant
  • Yellow – Occupied
  • Blue – Elapsed X minutes
  • Green – Receipt printed
  • Red – Other waiter table
  • Transfer Table

  • Move the occupied table to any other vacant table
  • Combine Table

  • Combine occupied table with another occupied table
  • Split Table

  • Split the table order equally
  • Split by items
  • Split by guest
Table Designer

  • Create sections as per need
  • Color code a section
  • Name a section
  • Tables

  • Tables for each section
  • Name or number a table
  • Assign party size to table
  • Square, Circle tables
  • Move, resize, add, delete
  • Objects

  • Create objects to replicate the real restaurant layout
  • Mark kitchen, bar, cash counter areas
  • Move, resize, add, delete
Payment Methods
  • Multiple payment methods for single invoice
  • Cash, Credit Card, Account, Coupons (SODEXHO)
  • Coupon/Cash denominations while taking payment
  • Credit card payment integration
  • Take card payment at the table through tablet version
  • Reports on payment methods
  • Reports on pay denominations
  • EOD cash reconciliation
Product Taxes
  • Flexible product tax structure
  • Configure complex tax structure
  • Configuration as per local laws
  • 10 different taxes to a product
  • Tax on tax option
  • Different tax for different product
  • Location specific taxes
  • Percentage or Flat amount
  • Flat amount based on total range
  • Product specific taxes
  • Section specific taxes
  • Tax exempt for a customer
Product Pricing & Discounts
    Product Pricing

  • 10 Prices to a product
  • Station specific pricing
  • Section specific pricing
  • Location specific pricing
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Discounts

  • Product specific discount
  • Invoice discount
  • Coupon discount
Customer Display
  • Customer display on second screen
  • Useful for QSR implementations
  • Horizontal or Vertical layouts
  • Branding, Advt. on split screen
  • Play images or videos
  • Manage images remotely
  • Schedule images
  • New images for future date
  • Location specific images
  • Easier management screen
  • Manage through web portal
Split Invoice
  • Split the invoice in multiple ways
  • Split by guest
  • Split by choosing product
  • Split by choosing product
  • Split single product event
  • Pay each split invoice separately
  • Pay all invoices in one go
  • Hold split invoices for future use
  • Multiple payment method in each split invoice
Expense Tracking
  • Track expenses at store level
  • Category and sub category for each expense
  • Track payment by cash, check, credit card, online transfer
  • Categorize as per account general ledgers for easier mapping
  • Consolidate all the store expenses on cloud server
  • Derive profitability based on sales and expenses for the month
  • Lock expenses for previous day to avoid manipulation
  • Configure categories and sub categories as per business choice
  • Very useful for multi-location chain business
  • Easier method for expense tracking
  • No need of complex accounting software for cashier

Cozy POS Desktop POS/Billing/Inventory Software
Desktop POS Software comes in three versions

  • Quick service billing features
  • Limited functionality
  • Usefull for small outlets


  • Quick service or table ordering features
  • Advanced features
  • Usefull for any type of restaurant


  • All the features of Advanced version
  • Inventory, Recipe, Food costing

All three version are offered as perpetual (One Time) license or Subscription (Monthly) license for each billing counter.
Check out the features by expanding below segments.

Main Features

Basic Standard Professional
Quick Service Ordering
Back Office Module
Reporting Module
Table Ordering
Take-out Ordering
User Restrictions
Customer Management
Delivery Ordering
Customer Loyalty
Customer Display on second screen
Pending Order View

Point Of Sale Features

Basic Standard Professional
Business Date/Time
Delivery Charge
Service Charge
Service Tax
Manual Login
Access Card Login
Biometric Login

Peripheral Support

Basic Standard Professional
Receipt Printer
Kitchen Printer
Cash Drawer
Barcode Scaner
Credit Card Reader
Weighing Scale
Secondary customer display

System Support

Basic Standard Professional

Billing Module

Basic Standard Professional
Unlimited Number of Products
Touch Screen Based Billing
Easy User Interface
Multiple Tax Management
Tax on Tax setup
Employee Management
Color Code Menu
Line Discount / Invoice Discount Options
Detailed Sales History reports
Kitchen Order Printing (KOT)
Invoice history
Easy Printer Management
Multilevel User Password Protection
Delivery/Takeout Charges
Table layout designer
Sections & Table Management
Modifier Items Prompting
Combo Products
Station Specific Features
Flexible User Interface Management
Happy hours
Day based pricing
Date range based pricing
Split billing
Move table
Combine table
Customer Management
Loyalty Management
Offer Management
Coupon Management
Gift Card Management
Credit Card payment integration
Additional charge for credit card
Weighing scale integration

Payment Methods

Basic Standard Professional
Credit Card
Debit Card
Sodexho Card
On Account
Gift Card
Multiple payment methods for single invoice

Menu Management

Basic Standard Professional
Menu Pages
Page Products
Multiple Menu
Multiple Pricing for Menu products
Flexible menu design
Section specific pricing

Table Management

Basic Standard Professional
Tables Status though color codes
Number of Guests per table/order
Table Sections
Shifting Between Dining Sectons
Move/Transfer Table
Join/Combine Tables
Split Check (Evenly/By Guest/By Product)
Split Item on Multi Check
Course Ordering

Inventory Management

Basic Standard Professional
Inventory Management
Recipe Management
Prepared item / Sub Recipe
Prodution Tracking
Recipe management
Food costing
Supplier Management
Supplier Payments
Stock Rooms Management

Shift Management

Basic Standard Professional
Shift Start/End
Pay In
Pay Out

Employee Breaks

Basic Standard Professional
Break Start/End
Break Types (Short Break/Meal Break/Casual Break)

Back Office Software

Basic Standard Professional
Employee Management
Employee access control
Payment Method Setup
Printer Setup
Station Setup
Store Setup
Product Category
Product Departments
Product Setup
Product Units
Product Taxes
Multiple Pricing
Table Layout Design
Table Configuration
Table Sections
Table Section Taxes
Menu design
Menu page design
Page Products mapping
Customer Management
Customer Account Setup
Recipe Configuration
Supplier Management
Item Setup
Good Receipt Note
Stock Transfer
Wastage Tracking
Physical stock

Optional Modules

Basic Standard Professional
KDS Integration Optional Optional Optional
Payment Gateway Integration Optional Optional Optional
Caller ID Integration Optional Optional Optional
Security Camera Integration Optional Optional Optional
Online reporting module Optional Optional Optional
Mobile App for Order Taking Optional Optional
Mobiel App for Self Ordering Optional Optional
Online Back Office Management Optional Optional
Online Inventory Management Optional
Property Management Software Integration Optional
Online Table Reservation Optional
Online Ordering Module Optional

Employee Tips

Basic Standard Professional
Tips Management Optional
Auto Gratuity (Based on order value/no of guests) Optional
Tips Pool Setup Optional
Individual Tips Setup Optional
Cash Tips Optional
Credit Card Tips Optional
Tip Pooling Optional
Tip Declaration Optional
Tip Reports Optional

Table Reservation Module

Basic Standard Professional
Reservation Schedule Optional
Guest Details Optional
Seat Allocation Optional
Number of Guests Optional
Cozy Cloud Software
Optional Cloud Software comes in three versions


  • Access reports online
  • Limited logins
  • Mobile App access for management reports


  • CozyReports
  • Product & Employee management
  • Manage taxes


  • CozyBackOffice
  • Inventory, Recipe, Food costing management

All three version are offered as Subscription (Monthly) license. These modules are optional and charge is per location.

Check out the features by expanding below segments.


CozyReports CozyBackOffice CozyERP
Number of online users 2 5 10
Multi Location Support
Management Dashboard
Web Reports
Excel Download
PDF Output
Scheduled Reports

Store Management

CozyReports CozyBackOffice CozyERP
Manage Products
Manage Employees
Tax setup
Product Pricing
Manage Departments
Manage Categories
Manage Pages
Manage Menu
Manage Customers
Manage Customer Loyalty
Manage Offers

Inventory Management

CozyReports CozyBackOffice CozyERP
Inventory Management
Recipe Management
Prepared item / Sub Recipe
Prodution Tracking
Recipe management
Food costing
Supplier Management
Supplier Payments

Mobile Apps

CozyReports CozyBackOffice CozyERP
Android App for management reports
iOS App for management reports

Optional Modules

CozyReports CozyBackOffice CozyERP
Online Table Reservation Optional
Online Ordering Module Optional